Property exhibition held at Radisson

|     Ishan Ibrahim     |

A PROPERTY exhibition designed to showcase some of the best commercial properties in Birmingham, one of the key cities in the United Kingdom, was held yesterday at the Radisson Hotel.

Jointly organised by Bess Perfect Property Agency and Pan Villa Properties, both have their offices in Brunei, the event also brought in Fast Item, based in the UK, that caters to the commercial properties market, and Capital Stride which has its branch in Singapore.

Ross Finck, Sales Executive from Fast Item, Vincent Tan from Capital Stride, Manirat Khrueatem from Bess Perfect Property Agency and Sarah Maggie Chai from Pan Villa Properties highlighted the details on the various properties available at the exhibition.

With public transport soon to be at its ultra-efficient at one of the UK’s top cities especially due to the HS2 high speed rail network that will soon connect the major cities of the Midlands and the northern UK, Ross Finck said travelling between London and Birmingham, and other major UK cities will be faster and comfortable.


Members of the Property Exhibition team in a group photo

This made buying commercial properties in Birmingham such a viable investment for buyers and investors due to the transport network system that will take UK at par with advanced European network systems.

Ross Finck also highlighted the benefits of buying commercial over residential properties, with rental income from commercial properties much higher than what investors can get from owning residential properties.

There is also a higher tendency for longer periods of stay by tenants and this means higher rate of rental renewals.

The UK property promoted was the Avix Business Centre located at 42-46 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8PE.

This property is also classified as a 100-year leasehold which makes it an attractive investment.

The exhibition opens from 10am till late in the afternoon and ends on Sunday.

Property exhibition held at Radisson