About Pan Villa Properties

Pan Villa Properties is a real estate marketing agency situated in Brunei Darussalam since its establishment in 2005 by a team of professional agents with the aim to assist potential clients in acquiring their desired property that match their budget, needs and requirements.

Initially, our specialty involved in just the marketing and sales of real estates in Brunei Darussalam. However, it was by the 2nd year since Pan Villa Properties established a presence in Brunei, that we ventured into introducing overseas properties from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Being able to operate both locally and internationally has acquired us many collaborations with numerous different companies which had allowed further increase in our knowledge and experience, thus resulting in many successful management of roadshows and exhibitions of local and international properties.


What are we trying to Achieve?


  •       Assist clients in achieving their dream home while providing professional advice on their needs.


  •       Being a one stop information centre for clients. This includes being able to provide information on the architectural design of buildings, banking and insurance information, government rules and regulations.


  •       Build a solid foundation of trust and mutual understanding with clients thus enabling us to work closely together.


Why us?


  •   We are readily available to respond to any enquiries.


  •    Our long history in the Bruneian market, since 2005, has enabled us to acquire vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field of being a real estate company.


  •    Highly professional and friendly services by our committed and motivated staffs.


  •    We prioritize having honesty, integrity, and ethnicity, which are the core values of collaborating and dealing with clients and other organizations.


  •    We have an extensive database of information related to real estate issues, thus enabling us to provide any necessary information required by clients.


Overseas Project Photos

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